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I have been performing, directing, and creating theatre since I was a child. Once I decided I couldn’t be an astronaut because I got motion sick too easily, I decided I could at least pretend to be one on the stage.

I studied acting and theatre creation at Young People’s Theatre in Toronto and later graduated from York University with a Fine Arts degree in theatre, having studied acting, directing, playwriting, and theatre history.

I ran my own theatre company in Toronto for several years before moving to Japan, where I have settled permanently. Since late 2006, I have been the Artistic Director of the Yokohama Theatre Group, where I have continued to make theatre. I have a broad theatrical skill-set, and if you’re looking for someone to head a theatrical project in Japan, I’m probably your guy. While I’m a jack-of-all trades, I have tried to pick apart my skills into four major categories, but my strength is in bringing all these elements together and managing a creative team.


I have a lot of experience directing traditional stage shows as well as more conceptual pieces. Take a look at some of my work.


I have written or been the lead writer on 15 stage shows, ranging from traditionally structured plays to more conceptual pieces.


I can train and lead a group of professional or amateur performers to create an original work of their own devising.  Click for more.


Voice acting, stage acting, and a little bit of film acting. I’m a classically trained performer who can do a little bit of everything.