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Let’s Go!

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Customized Service

Want something not covered by our packages? Then fill out the form below and we’ll come up with a solution together!


Events and Candid Shoots

Base price is 25,000 yen per hour plus transportation for a shoot. Each hour of shooting will include photo editing for that hour.  My base pricing will be adjusted up and down depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • Deliverables (how many finished photos you expect)
  • How many consecutive hours I’ll be shooting
  • How far/long I’m going to have to travel back and forth
  • If there are coffee and meal breaks for shoots over 3 hours
  • How much equipment I’m going to have to bring
  • If I’ll need to hire an assistant or not


Base price is 30,530 yen for a two hour shoot, if you come to me. 50,000 yen for three hours plus travel expenses if I have to travel to you (I’ll need the extra hour to figure out lighting, etc.) Discounts can be arranged if two or more people book consecutive sessions in the same location.

Headshot Group “Clinic”

I’m also willing to shoot 7,500 for a half-hour, one-look session, if at least 5 people sign up for the clinic. (5 people x 30 minutes each)

This can of course be negotiated someone wants an hour instead of 30 minutes, or other modifications of the arrangements.


I am also available to do documentary photography (behind-the-scenes on theatre or film or corporate project). Rates depend on the project but are generally in line with my base rates for events.